Facts about bcalm personal breathing filter (PBF)

  • Patented, Non-prescription, Personal Breathing Filter
  • Removes CO2 from inhaled air, to the level of fresh outdoor air
  • Approved in the EU for treatment of Panic Attacks and Claustrophobia; currently seeking FDA approval as panic attack indications.
  • Convenient and discreet handheld units are easy to keep in reach
  • Truly, a breath of fresh air. The natural way to relax – bcalm

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does bcalm work?

Read here for information on how bcalm works.

Is bcalm approved by the FDA?

Bcalm is currently approved for the treatment of panic attacks in Europe, but is not yet approved for that indication by the FDA, though the approval process is ongoing and we hope to have it soon. The FDA has classified bcalm as a Class I medical device, which is the safest classification there is. The bcalm is being sold in the US simply as a Personal Breathing Filter which lowers the concentration of CO2 to that of the outdoor concentration

Where can I buy bcalm?

Currently only available on this website. You can buy now here.

How much does bcalm cost?

The suggested retail price is $129.99. Currently on sale for $99.99.

Can bcalm be used more than once?

Yes! The bcalm device has been engineered to effectively reduce CO2 levels to an acceptable level for at least 500 normal breaths, providing the bcalm is stored in an airtight bag or pouch.

Does bcalm have any testimonials?

Yes, please click here.

Is it safe?

The bcalm device is safe because it does not use drugs. It is a carbon dioxide absorbent i.e. removes carbon dioxide from the air. The device can be used by children (above the age of 36 months old) and pregnant women. In addition to which the bcalm device is regulated by the Medical and Health Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

Is bcalm safe for children/pregnancy?

Yes, bcalm is safe for children (above the age of 36 months old) and pregnant women.

Does bcalm use drugs?

No, bcalm does not use drugs and therefore bcalm is completely safe and natural.

What is inside the inhaler?

A carbon dioxide-absorbing filter.

Will bcalm interfere or interact with medicines I’m currently taking?

No, bcalm will not interfere with any medication you are currently taking or produce any side effects.