How bcalm works

You react strongly to CO2

You have a receptor in your airway that constantly monitors CO2 levels. If these levels are elevated for some reason, for example, in a crowded or enclosed space, and you have a central nervous system hypersensitivity to CO2, then it can cause an anxious feeling. There is considerable evidence that elevated CO2 levels can even lead to panic attacks in susceptible individuals.

You reach for Bcalm

When you breathe through Bcalm, the device removes high levels of CO2 down to the same level as that found in fresh forest air, almost immediately calming you down. Your airway CO2 sensors stop sending messages to your brain saying that you need to escape.

The CO2 levels in your airway quickly fall

This CO2 ‘scrubbing’ process is very safe, and is also used in anesthesia machines and in rebreathers used by divers. After about 6-8 breaths, the CO2 levels in your airway are back to a much lower level. This means your CO2 receptor now sends a message to your brain, saying “relax, its okay”. It feels as though you just stepped out into a forest, but you haven’t had to go anywhere.

Bcalm again

You can now get on with enjoying your day, without worrying about having another episode – after all, you didn’t have an episode. Bcalm stopped your anxiousness from developing further.

Bcalm has been successfully lab tested and is currently being used by panic sufferers around the world.