Bcalm Single Pack


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  • Patented; non-prescription; personal air purifier
  • Removes CO2 from inhaled air, to the level of fresh outdoor air
  • Approved in Europe for treatment of Panic Attacks and Claustrophobia
  • Currently seeking FDA approval for panic disorder
  • Convenient and discreet handheld units are easy to keep in reach
  • Truly, a breath of fresh air. The natural way to relax – Bcalm

The Bcalm personal breathing filter is a discreet medical device that is similar to an inhaler – in just 6–8 breaths, it helps you overcome your panic attack. It has been created and developed by a team of doctors in the US, UK and Finland.

The idea for the Bcalm personal breathing filter was originally conceived by two of the world‘s leading panic disorder and addiction medical professionals, Dr. Stephen M. Cox and Dr. David Sinclair. Dr. Cox and Sinclair saw that there was nothing on the market that would quickly help their patients during a panic episode and decided to develop a suitable product – Bcalm personal breathing filter was the result.

Relief is only a breath away. Get your relief today with Bcalm.


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